Rice Remix: Redo Leftover Rice!

    Rice Remix: Redo Leftover Rice!
    Carolyng Gomes

    Have left over rice? Perhaps you're stuck in the rice and beans rut? Instead of dutifully putting a pot of rice on the stove, make rice the main event at your dinner table. Turn last night's leftovers into the star with recipes that reduce, reuse, and remix. From savory to sweet, we’ve got 5 recipes that’ll have you loving your leftovers again.

    Start your day with a breakfast of rice and eggs. Scrambled Eggs with Brown Rice, Spicy Pico and Chorizo Chips is a filling breakfast that is both hearty and incredibly delicious. Brown rice is topped with spicy scrambled eggs then layered with a smoky chorizo and fresh pico de gallo.

    If you're looking to satisfy a sweet tooth, there is nothing better than a heaping serving of Cardamom Coconut Arroz con Leche. Cardamom and coconut milk update this traditional treat, making a dessert that is luscious, creamy, and indulgent.

    For a meal on the go, try a Spicy Black Bean and Rice Frittata. Fresh, spicy jalapeño is sautéed with onion, black beans, and rice then covered with egg and baked to a fluffy flavorful perfection.

    Combining savory and sweet, Cranberry Rice Salad with Pan Fried Chicken Thighs is an easy meal that transforms leftovers. Dried cranberries, red onion, roasted salted pistachios, garlic, kale, and brown rice create a salad bursting with diverse flavors and textures that pair wonderfully with simple salt and pepper chicken thighs pan fried to a crisp.

    Finally, take a bite or two out of a crispy and spicy Jalapeño Rice Fritter. These fritters take your left over rice, add some egg, milk, flour, and lots of jalapeño and make golden cakes with a creamy queso blanco center. 

    The key to making your left overs work is to remix them! Use that left over rice in a whole new way, or update a favorite recipe with new flavors and textures that can excite you as much as your taste buds. When you find your fridge is full of rice, have a go at one of these recipes and find a new favorite dish. 

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