At the Table with... Angelo Sosa

    At the Table with... Angelo Sosa
    Jeremy Johnson

    A top honors graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Angelo Sosa is the Dominican-American chef and owner of the Michelin recommended Añejo in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC and Poppy Den in Las Vegas. His 2012 cookbook, Flavor Exposed, explores the ingredients and food philosophy that inform his menus.

    Following his recent appearance in Latina Magazine as the October 2013 issue's featured chef, TLK wondered what informs Angelo's cooking and drives his passion for Latin food. We learned the answer to these and other questions in an exclusive interview 'At the Table with' chef and restaurateur Angelo Sosa.


    Dish you crave from your abuela

    My aunt Carmen did all the cooking. Honestly, everything she made was craveable. I was addicted too her cooking.

    Secret ingredient to make a dish pop: 


    Favorite city to eat in: 

    Seoul, Korea.

    Secret to a perfect dinner party: 

    Socialize with your guests and have a drink or two.

    Biggest food indulgence: 

    Offals---mmmmmm sweatbreads.

    Favorite vegetable: 

    Beets. Love the color, sweetness, and earthiness.

    Best food memory: 

    Hanoi Vietnam Fish Chaca La Vong. I was in dill heaven.

    Ideal breakfast, lunch and dinner: 

    Coffee. More coffee. Slurpy ramen noodles.

    Favorite Latin cocktail: 

    Dominican rum on the rocks with fresh mint and cane sugar.

    Favorite kitchen gadget: 

    Vita prep.

    Perfect song to cook to: 

    Silence. It’s peaceful.

    Most adventurous food you eat/have eaten: 

    Turtle, grasshoppers, bugs, live octopus, maggots.

    Favorite fusion

    Baba nonna cuisine. It's a fusion of Chinese and Malaysian cuisine cooked by men.

    Tip for at-home cooks:

    Taste your food and don’t be afraid to experiment.

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