Recipes from the Dominican Republic

    Fresh and quick, this drink is simple and delicious.
    Grilled Mallard Duck Recipe
    An elegant main course with a tropical touch.
    Green Pigeon Rice (Mamposteao) Recipe
    Popular during the Christmas season for the combination of ingredients that are green and red in color.
    This quintessential Dominican drink translates literally to mean “To Die Dreaming” in English.  Think of it as a creamsicle in liquid
    Instead of cooking these ingredients like traditional sofrito, Eliana Ramos processes them down to a wet paste.
    The pork, rice, and beans in this traditional favorite are prepared in a single pot, completing an all-in-one meal.
    This recipe, like in many others in Dominican cuisine, combines savory and sweet flavors.
    Dominican Cod Salad- This is an energy-boosting salad bursting with fresh flavors.
    Brigal Extra Dry Daiquiri is the life of the party!
    Brugal's Dehumidifier is a refreshing and fun cocktail.