At The Table With... Chef Mario Pagan

The former contestant on Food Network’s The Next Iron Chef and owner of San Juan’s Chayote tells us what he’s craving.
    At The Table With... Mario Pagan

    Latin dish you crave:



    Favorite family recipe:

    My mom's cabbage and bacon rice.


    Secret ingredient to make a Latin dish pop:



    Favorite Latin/Spanish restaurant in U.S.:

    OLA Restaurant from Chef Douglas Rodríguez.


    Secret to a perfect dinner party:

    Good Puerto Rican rum and good friends.


    Biggest food indulgence:



    Best Latin food memory:

    It's all the childhood memories in the kitchen of all the women that cooked for me.


    Ideal Latin breakfast, lunch, and dinner:

    Breakfast: white rice with a fried egg on top and fried baby bananas.

    Lunch: Bistec encebollado and mamposteao rice

    Dinner: Lobster asopao


    Favorite Latin cocktail:

    Coco Beach

    • 1.5oz Don Q Coco
    • 1/2oz Don Q Cristal
    • 2 1/2oz Cranberry
    • Splash of Soda Water

    Get the full recipe.


    Favorite kitchen gadget: