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Cooking Outside the Box: Homemade Raspberry Oat Bars

This recipe was born out of a conversation I had with a friend of mine, a mom. She asked for recipes and ideas for her kids’ lunch boxes. And this is a conversation we’ve all had. 

This is one of the most difficult mom tasks to accomplish. I’m not even talking about the daily act of prepping lunch and getting your kids out the door. I’m talking about how to get your kids to eat the healthy foods you want them to eat when they’re so temped with pizza, ice cream, and other not-so-healthy bites. 

One thing that I’ve discovered in my many, many years of lunch prep, is that kids love to unwrap things. So, I started baking off these snack bars at home and wrapping them up in super fun ways and… it worked! These bars are a hit with my kids and my friends’ kids too! 

These snack bars are easy to make and even easier to personalize. First, by making my own bars I cut out all the excess sugar and chemicals usually found in store bought, prepackaged boxes. Secondly, you can easily swap out the filling to fit what your family loves. 

The base is a simple oat and almond dough, sweetened with vanilla. Once in the pan, add raspberry jam (as I do) or add in banana and a bit of chocolate chips… Or apples with cinnamon…. Or… the combinations are endless! 

Once baked, just let cool and then wrap them up in cool and colorful wrapping. You’ll be the hit of the lunch room.

Get the full recipe.

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