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Delicious & Nutritious! Vegetarian Kale and Potato Tacos

This is a much healthier version of tacos than the typical carnitas or carne asada tacos you will find on the street or any other Mexican restaurant. I’m a Mexican taco lover and can’t really live without them.

As much as I love tacos, I know they are not the healthiest option out there. They can leave us feeling heavy and gutted and depleted of natural energy. This is why I created the kale and potato tacos and it has become a staple in my house.

It's an easy way to include more greens and veggies into our diets, kids love them, and you will as well. They are super fast to prepare, and the best part is, they're all done in one skillet. You know what that means, right? Less dishes to wash and messy kitchen countertops to clean.

In Mexico we cook a lot using a caldillo. This is just tomatoes, onion, and garlic blended with salt. To this caldillo you could add some chiles or fresh or dried herbs. There is a dish my mom prepares where the caldillo is made with fresh mint and orégano. The tradicional and super famous Mexican red rice is cooked in a caldillo. You get the idea by now, there are a lot of dishes using this type of salsa.

For this recipe I chose the regular caldillo. I also chose kale - I like a lot the sturdy texture it has, but you could use any other green you have in hand. I also added in potatoes, but you could easily make it with sweet potato or a combination of both.

Feel free to add any aromatics or fresh herbs to the sauce. Remember that the base is just onion, tomato, and garlic; but use it like that, as a base. Te serve, make tacos using corn tortillas and top with avocado, chilies, or a spicy salsa.

Get the recipe.

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