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Fast & Portable: Stovetop Granola Recipe

Granola over the stove it is probably the easiest way to prepare it. You do not need a tray, parchment paper, or a silicon mat. The only thing you need is a generous sized skillet, your stove, and a spatula.

I love granola, I love how it tastes, how versatile it is, and how my house smells when I prepare it. You can make granola with a lot of grains and combinations of them and you can flavor it with nut butters or purees. So if you've shyed away from making granola, here's an easier version! 

Granola (when full of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit) is a wonderful ingredient to have on hand. The mix packs in vitamins, minerals, and proteins and just a little will go a long way to starting your day off right. As I tell my kids, if you don't have a good breakfast, you won't learn as much. A good breakfast sets up the day for success. 

Now, this granola recipe uses oats as a base. If you have a gluten sensitivity, make sure to swap in gluten-free oats. Then add in flavor and sweeteners with dried fruits and syrups. I also use a little bit of coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil to prevent it from sticking when the sweetner is added.

This is a basic recipe but please feel free to improvise or use what you have around. Use the spices that you like (add some extra like turmeric or nutmeg to give it a more wintery flavor!). Do the same with the dried fruit. I like the tartness of the cherries, buy if you prefer, you could add only raisins or other dried fruits or berries.

Get the recipe. 

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