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Look, Ma: No Cheese! Vegan Pesto Recipe

This is a recipe for a classic pesto, with a twist. Fun fact, here in America, the term pesto refers to the recipe. In Italy, where pesto originated, the term refers to the method of pounding ingredients together in a mortar and pestle. The pounding of the ingredients transform them into a paste, that then is thinned with extra virgin olive oil to a sauce-like consistency.

So in Italy, anything can be a pesto, any mix containing greens nuts, or even chiles. And Italians don't just use their pesto in pasta, their imagination runs wild. They use it for chicken, meets, fish and soups.

In my family, we've taken a cue from Italians. Pesto, salsa, and hummus are always in my fridge. We use pesto in sandwiches, baked potatoes, and mixed with a little bit of mayonnaise to create a creamy and delicious dip for veggies.

Pesto goes a long way, so you could prepare some at the beginning of the week and keep it in the fridge for further uses. It really is a life saver in times when I just can not think what to feed my family. And this version is great for any dairy sensitivies - it's entirely vegan.

This recipe has parsley instead of cheese and you just won’t believe how delicious and healthy it is. Basil and parsley are herbs that are full of healthy benefits. Basil is a very powerful anti inflammatory and anti bacterial herb and parsley keeps your immune system and bones strong and heals the nervous system. Together with the garlic and the extra virgin olive oil they make an amazing flavor bombshell full of healthy benefits. 

Get the recipe.

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