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The Revolutionary History of Pozole

All over the country the recipe has its unique variations. Along the coast you'll find pozole with sardines in it, and in Acupulco with chopped up hard-boiled egg. In Jalisco you can find shrimp pozole made with the same kind of corn, shrimp broth, ground dried shrimp, chile de arbol, onion, and white vinegar. In Pátzcuaro, Michoacán pozole sometimes includes kernels of red corn and in Oaxaca it often has hoja santa or Mexican pepper leaf.

Most Mexicans will tell you that Mexico's best pozole comes from their mother's kitchen but in Mexico City there are several favorite spots for enjoying this delicious holiday soup. Casa Licha, in the southern Mexico City neighborhood of Sierro Justo is famous for their delicious pozole which you can order in all three variations – red, green and white.

The restaurant is run out of the former home of two school teachers who started a simple weekend pozole operation for friends and family and now have one of the premier pozole locations in the city. They still open only on Saturdays and Sundays and have a little shop next door where you can purchase arts and crafts from the state of Guerrero.

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