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The Revolutionary History of Pozole

La Casa de Don Toño is a large chain restaurant that's a favorite among chilangos (Mexico City residents) for its pozole. They have almost 30 locations throughout the city and are open every day of the week. The restaurant was started in 1983 by Toño himself when he was only 18 years old, as a once-a-month Sunday restaurant, their fame soon spread and Toño found himself giving up his career in Law to cook and run restaurants full time.

El Pozole de Moctezuma in Mexico City's central Guerrero neighborhood serves a typical recipe from the state of Guerrero, original home of the owner. They sell green and white pozole with accompaniments like fried pig skin (chicharron), hard-boiled egg, sardines and avocado. If you want to eat there on Independence Day you best make a reservation in advance or be disappointed.

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