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Leila Kalmbach

Chef Chat: Tom Gilliland On 40 Years of Mexican Food in Austin

Forty years ago, Tom Gilliland and Miguel Ravago started Fonda San Miguel, an interior-Mexican food restaurant in Austin that quickly rose to popularity. Before Fonda, "Mexican" food in Texas meant Tex-Mex. Gilliland and Ravago redefined it to mean authentic sauces bursting with flavor, slow-simmered meat, and flavors previously unknown outside of the Mexican state of Guanajuato — not to mention handcrafted metal lampshades, painted tiles and colorful artwork in the dining room.

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Chef Chat: Austin’s Alma Alcocer and Jeff Martinez Share Mexican Food Memories

Chefs Alma Alcocer and Jeff Martinez have worked together for years at various Austin restaurants and currently own Alcomar in Austin, Texas, a Mexican food restaurant with a focus on seafood. Alcocer, a native of Mexico City, was classically trained but returned to Mexico after 15 years of cooking professionally to explore the ingredients and aromas she remembered from her youth.

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Chef Chat: Why Austin’s Dee Dee Sanchez Takes Risks Every Day

Dee Dee Sanchez is the pastry chef at Jack Allen’s Kitchen in Austin, known for its local, seasonal ingredients and Southern flavors. Sanchez grew up in Lansing, Mich., helping her mother bake cookies and cakes for bake sales, and clearly the love of baking stuck.

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More Than Mexican: 9 Austin Food Trucks Taking Latin Flavor Worldwide

Mexican restaurants have been a staple in Austin for decades, but the explosion of the trailer food scene has brought in some harder-to-find cuisines and allowed them to test their concepts on a smaller scale. Read on for our top nine picks if you’re looking to expand your Latin horizons.

Llama’s Peruvian Creole

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9 Spots Locals Go for the Best Queso in Austin

Austin may well be the queso capital of the world, and it's not a role we take lightly. All that creamy cheese, fresh pico de gallo, savory meat (or mushrooms — we feel you, vegetarians), perhaps with a bit of spice to make you sweat … is it any wonder those “body by queso” shirts are so popular?

Seriously, there's something for everyone in Austin's queso world ... that is, unless you're lactose intolerant. Read on for our top nine picks.

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Know Your Joe: Meet the Man Behind Austin's Famed Apanas Coffee & Beer

Austin's Apanas Coffee & Beer offers more than a great cup of Joe — they offer a coffee education, one that more coffee drinkers should be paying attention to, according to Apanas’ owner Aamil Sarfani. The coffee shop, which has been open in North Austin’s Rock Rose area at the Domain since January, aims to teach consumers about the people who actually grow the product they’re drinking, as well as all the time and effort that goes into producing a quality cup of coffee.

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