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How To Make the Perfect Gin & Tonic

Use a proper glass. Nix the traditional Collins glass. Jaleo serves G&Ts in large rimmed rocks glasses, almost like red wine stemless glasses. “The bigger the glass, the bigger the aroma,” Figueredo says. “We want you to feel important. But you don't need to have a martini in your hand with three olives and an onion.” Making a bigger deal of the G&T's presentation elevates its status and enhances the sensory experience of drinking it.

Ice matters. Figueredo's team hand cuts blocks of dry ice that won't melt quickly, but home bartenders can get a similar effect by boiling water to close air pockets, letting it cool and then freezing it into oversize ice cube trays. Use this one cube in your glass to keep the G&T as pure as possible while also keeping it chilled while you sip.

Drink G&Ts with food. "Gin cuts grease and fats really well," Figueredo says, so don't be afraid to pair G&Ts with food. The same principles apply to pairing as with wine. A light and airy, herbal G&T may go well with shrimp while a drier, juniper-forward or Old Tom gin-based drink, like Jose's Gin and Tonic below, pairs well with pork.

Next, a recipe for the perfet gin and tonic.

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