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Q&A: Is It Okay to Use Raw Eggs in Cocktails?

So sometimes you spot a cocktail on the bar menu that looks delightful! But wait, there’s raw egg in it? Is that safe? Can you drink it? We hear your concerns and we’re here to answer your questions. Because you should drink what you want without worry, it is called happy hour after all.

Why do people use raw eggs?

For so many reasons! Raw eggs can make cocktails silky and rich and when shaken top off cocktails with a nice frothy foam. There are four types of cocktails that use raw eggs: nogs and flips and sours and fizzes. Nogs and flips use the whole egg and generally use milk or cream (like eggnog). Sours are made mostly with citrus and a fizz is like a sour but is usually topped off with soda. (They can also be made without egg whites).  

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