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Red Wine 101: What Is Malbec and What Do I Pair It With?

Malbec has to be one of the best luxuries that the Europeans brought over to Argentina. The grape that put Argentina on the map as a valuable winemaking region, Malbec grows better in that region of South America than anywhere else in the world. These prize-winning wines, particularly from the Mendoza region, have become as ubiquitous as Chardonnay from California - but more interesting.

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If you want a fuller-bodied, robust wine, Malbec is for you. A dark, rich, red wine with a kick, Malbec is known for tasting notes of black pepper and walks the line between spicy, fruity, and earthy. Most bottles tend to have a higher alcohol content and higher level of tannins, and might be considered aggressive for new wine drinkers but they make the wine a perfect pairing for Latin food.

Try pairing Malbec with steak or asado (barbecued meat) and chimichurri. Or enjoy Malbec with fatty fish like salmon. The fruit flavors in the wine also make it an excellent pairing for spicy Mexican food and any classically spicy Latin dishes. The best part is, you can find great Malbecs without breaking the bank.

Next time you want to transport yourself to Argentina, a solid bottle of Malbec from Mendoza and a steak dinner will have you there in no time. Here’s a quick breakdown of what you need to know.

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