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Chili Cheat Sheet: How to Roast a Poblano Pepper

Poblano peppers are a Mexican native of the Capsicum annuum species, and are one of the milder peppers commonly used in Latin American recipes. The poblano itself is named after its city of origin - Puebla - the fourth largest city in Mexico. A fully ripe poblano pepper should be a glossy red color and possess a firm, smooth skin. Avoid poblanos that exhibit wrinkling, soft spots or bruises.

Unlike many other varieties of pepper, the poblano, is rarely used raw. Instead it is roasted or fried to bring out its true flavor. Roasted poblanos are used in mole sauces, roasted and cut into strips to make rajas con crema or stuffed and deep-fried to make chiles rellenos. Dried poblanos are also used to make ancho chili powder, a deep red seasoning with mild heat and a distinct peppery sweetness.

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