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How to Candy Fruits: Fast, Easy Tips You’ll Love

It's summer and ripe, sweet, colorful fruits are easy to come by. Everywhere you turn there are bushels of raspberries, bunches of grapes, and piles of watermelon. But there’s only so much delicious, fresh fruit you can fill up on. Instead of letting the fruit languish on your kitchen counter, dry it or make candy out of it. Candied cherries, tangy apricots…the possibilities are endless! 

Drying fruit or turning it into candy is easier than you may you think. TLK spoke with Brad van Dam, CEO of Marich Confectionery.  Having been in the candy business for more than 20 years, his tips are essential to making DIY fruit candies.

To start, hit the green market! You want fruit that is perfectly ripe and blemish free. Van Dam likes cherries, blueberries, cranberries, California apricots, and mango. After you’ve selected your fruit, prepare it just like you would if you were to eat it. Wash it, slice it, and decide which prep suits you most: dried fruits or sweet candied fruits! 

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