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Summer Grilling: Meat Lovers

With Memorial Day quickly approaching it’s hard to keep thoughts of summer from overtaking the brain. Days whittled away at the beach, cooling down with an ice cream cone, and above all, delicious backyard BBQs. Plus, May is National Barbecue Month!

One of the greatest things about the season is firing up the grill and enjoying a meal of freshly cooked meat, seafood, and vegetables with friends and family. But grilling can be a bit intimidating, for newbie chefs, for those counting calories (hello beach weather), and even for those experienced chefs that want something a bit more creative than the standard steak sauce.

Grilling should be as a carefree as your summer days, and there’s no point stressing over the grill when we have tips from chefs to make your time in front of the BBQ easy. To help you fire up, we asked the pros for the best tips and tricks on summer grilling, starting with barbecue tips for meat lovers.

First, be patient and generous. Chefs K.C. Fazel of Los Vegas’s Tender Steak & Seafood, Carey Yorio of Goya Foods, Saul Ortiz of Las Vega’s Tacos & Tequila and Greg Bastien of Chicago’s Tavernita stressed the importance of pre-heating and oiling the grill. Be generous with your fuel source when initially starting up the grill (you don’t want to refuel while you are cooking, which could make your food taste like ash or flames) and oil up with plenty of non-spray oils before you start.

Next up, marinades, cooking time, and finally, recipes!


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