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Party Like a Puerto Rican: Your Parranda Kit

Know that every parranda will take on the sabor of the leaders and every new guest will add a little more sazon and there are as many parranda songs as there are recipes for flan. As a good parrandero you should either know the lyrics or just have a few handouts to share, bring an instrument, and sport a pava like a true jibaro (a straw hat like a true farmer).

As a host, know that you’ll never be surprised if you don’t want it – there are usually lots of nod-nod-wink-winks before a parranda. Have some ready-to-heat snacks handy and since it’s the holiday season, you’ll probably have much of it ready anyways. Always make a few bottles of coquito to keep in the fridge and freeze extra apps when you first make them.

But most of all, remember this: entertaining in Puerto Rico is meant to be familial and easy. Put out what you have, get dressed, and join the party.

Here are a few of our favorite songs (and click here for an even bigger guide):

Pobre Lechón

This song is… graphic. And direct. Like the title suggests, the lyrics of this song cover what happened to that poor pig and how it ended up on your kitchen table. It’s short and quick and definitely paints a picture. And of course, there’s only dish this song brings to mind: the classic pernil.

Ese pobre lechón
Se murió de repente
Con un tajo en la frente
Y otro en el corazón
Lo metieron al horno
lo sacaron caliente
Le metieron diente
A ese probre lechón.

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