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Party Like a Puerto Rican: Your Parranda Kit

De La Montana Venimos

This song makes a great ending to your parranda. While there’s no traditional order to songs (it’s a party, there are no rules), the lyrics in this song mention it’s already 3 am and you haven’t had a drop of coffee all night. Sing this and expect to get the classic end-of-night, welcome-in-the-dawn dish of asopao and cafe.

De la montaña venimos
para invitarte a comer
un lechoncito en su vara
y ron pitorro a beber . . .

Repeat Chorus

Ay, doña María,
ay, compai José
ábranme la puerta,
que los quiero ver;
ábrame, compai,
que ya son las tres
y yo no he tomado
gota de café...

Repeat Chorus 2X

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