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All the Presidents' Drinks: 11 Cocktails Favored by Presidents from Jefferson to Trump

Who doesn’t like a stiff drink at the end of the day? No one I know, and most of the people I know have jobs that rank somewhere between pizza delivery boy and cat sitter on the stressful careers scale (myself included). Still, they find it necessary to hit the bottle hard at the end of the day.

Now imagine you’re the President, and after waking up at 4am following two winks of what barely passes as sleep, you spend the next 18 hours dealing with confrontations, crises, and decisions that are literally do or die. (And if you’re Hillary Clinton, add to that pundits and political opponents picking on your hair, heels, makeup, body, pantsuit, gait, smile, scrunchee, etc.) Yea, you’d need a drink… or ten.

So what do U.S. Presidents imbibe when they want to unwind? Here are the cocktail recipes favored by and matched to the personalities of current and past presidents, as well as hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. You might be surprised by their tastes.

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