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Chef Chat: Tom Gilliland On 40 Years of Mexican Food in Austin

The Latin Kitchen: What's new in the Fonda San Miguel cookbook reissue?

Tom Gilliland: There are 20-plus new recipes and many photos of new art collected since the "30 Years" book.

TLK: Why do you think Fonda has survived — and thrived — for so long when the Austin food scene has changed so much over the years?

TG: It’s due to the desire and intention to offer new menu items, unique art and décor/ambience to prevent becoming stagnant. Our many loyal patrons motivate us.

TLK: Has your approach to food in the restaurant changed at all? What about the ingredients — are Austinites more open to trying new flavors now than they used to be?

TG: No, it really hasn't changed. We have always emphasized the best-quality ingredients. Austinites have always been open to trying new flavors. There are more options than ever before, which offers new exploration.

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