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Chef Chat: NYC's Franco Noriega is a "Model" Cook

Ask any woman, and they’ll tell you that a man who can cook is one they can hang with. Add in the fact that he’s a male model, and they’re sure to swoon on the spot.

Peruvian-born Franco Noriega is lucky enough to boast both “model” and “chef” on his resume. The buffed-up chef is 6’2, with hazel eyes and a mesmerizing smile that makes him an Instagram sensation – but it’s his food that’s really racking in the followers on the hunt for authentic Peruvian eats. Earlier this summer, the chef opened Baby Brasa in New York City’s Lower East Side, where he’s dishing out refined, healthy cuisine, inspired by the street food that Peru is so well-known for.

We chatted with Noriega on life as a model-turned-chef, his infamous Peruvian chicken, and how he keeps his muscles toned, even in the kitchen.

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