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EXCLUSIVE: Chef James Tahhan Shares His Best Healthy Fusion Tips

Chef James Tahhan knows a thing or two about fusion cooking. Just last year, the Venezuelan released The Homemade Chefwhich was full of Pan-Latino recipes with influences from Africa and the Mediterranean. This year, Tahhan has continued on his fusion streak in collaboration with McDonald's, who just rolled out bold, new flavors in their Signature Crafted Recipes. (Consider, for instance, the Pico Guacamole burger, topped with 100% Hass avocados, freshly prepared pico de gallo, and a fresh lime wedge.)

For the new dishes, Tahhan relied on his fusion mentality, focusing on melding two cultures into one. "We live in a world of fusion, of cultures, and we're seeing it every day much more. And so is the same in the food world," Tahhan said. "We see this, for example, in Peruvian cuisine with the two biggest fusions with the Chifa cuisine (Chinese-Peruvian) and then Nikkei (Japanese-Peruvian)."

Fusion doesn't, of course, mean a sacrifice on nutrition. "I think that now we're in an era where people are understanding more that their ingredients are and what their ingredients should be. We're much more conscious about what we want in our bodies," the fit chef explained. 

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