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#WCW: The Macallan's Sam Leotta on Breaking Barriers in the Liquor Industry

There are two inarguable truths when it comes to the liquor industry: First, you may learn all there is to know about alcohol; and second, its more common to see males dominating the industry rather than females. Until now, that is.

In recent years, women have taken spirits by storm by fermenting their own wine, acquiring beer certifications and managing liquor brands. 

Whiskey lovers will be glad to hear that one female powerhouse is behind their favorite drink. Sam Leotta, Senior Brand Manager of top-shelf whiskey The Macallan, has been in the whisky business for more than ten years. Leotta (who appropriately goes by @whisky.sam on Instagram) speaks on just about every detail regarding Macallan’s products, including how its become a staple in Latin American countries.

We chatted with Leotta just in time for National Scotch Day! Read on to see why she’s this weeks #WCW.

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