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Delicious Market Finds in Mexico City

Later during World War II entire boxes of a family heirlooms were shipped across the ocean from Europe and vendors bought them sight unseen in hopes of striking resale gold. Today, most of the market's antiques come from estate sales and antique brokers working throughout the country. Much of the knock-off brands and resold clothing comes from the United States and makes its way to the market in mysterious ways. There are also jewelry sellers, manicurists, cellphone parts, wandering ice cream vendors and a stand where you can get your shoes fixed.

Besides being the place to find vintage vinyls, retablos, or WWII paraphernalia, the market is also a great place to eat and drink – the most important secondary activity of its shoppers. Everything opens late, so getting there mid-day or later will find you the best eats. Head down on an empty stomach or with a Saturday night hangover and we promise you'll find your culinary bliss among the piles of pirated DVDs. Most of the places mentioned here do not have official names, so wander around and ask other vendors. And of course, taste test, you'll never know what you'll find.

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