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Delicious Market Finds in Mexico City

A little taco appetizer is the right way to get started. The cochinita pibil (slow-roasted suckling pig with citrus and achiote) and mixiote (a mild pit-roasted pork seasoned with chiles and spices) taco stand at one end of Comonfort street is unmissable. Turn around and you can buy a massive agua fresca from the vendor that sits alongside this stand, our favorite is sandia (watermelon). A massive concave grill around the corner on the Cuitláhuac roundabout, offers a plethora of grilled meat tacos including salty cecina, green chorizo, porkchops and corbata (beef grilled with barbecue sauce and serve by the kilo).

In between stops, let yourself be tempted by one of those massive beers in paper cups that you will see everyone carrying. Around the rim you can order mango, blueberry, tamarind, strawberry or about a dozen other flavors of gooey, sweet chile sauce or get a chile powder-coated straw to dip into it. Our favorite spot has dark and light Kölsch beer on tap. If you want to be really adventurous chug down some pulque, but remember it keeps expanding in your stomach and you still have a lot of eating to do!

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