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Tasting Colonia Juarez's Finest

Amaya is the latest project of chef Jair Téllez, owner of the much-publicized Merotoro restaurant. Amaya has a menu that changes daily with gastronomic combinations like a grilled lamb and cheese sandwichs, rice with kimchi, cilantro and tasajo, or Madeleines with guava compote and lemon ice cream.

Elena Reygadas of Rosetta was ahead of the curve several years back when she opened a location of the Panadería Rosetta in the Juarez that has since been folded into their new Cafe Nin, with a more expansive breakfast and lunch menu and the same delicious Rosetta pastries. They've been the lucky witnesses of the neighborhood's culinary explosion.

Even without big names to back them, other spots in Juarez are also finding their fans. Cicatriz, an all-day cafe/bar, will serve you beer with breakfast. Don't be deterred by the eclecticism of their menu, the food is excellent – short rib sandwiches with ricotta cheese, fried chicken and pickles, roasted carrots with tahini yogurt.

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