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Tasting Colonia Juarez's Finest

Comedor Milan has a mix of light fare with Mexican embellishments and dares you to find it tucked behind a retro record store on Milan street. Just down the way is Milan 44, the neighborhood's modern market foodcourt where you can grab a fresh juice from Ojo de Agua and head upstairs to the second floor for Spanish-style tapas, Oaxacan tlayudas and local ice cream.

If you're looking for comfort food try Trattoria Isabella for pizzas and house-made pasta – spaghetti with chile de arbol, cherry tomatoes, zucchini and shrimp or reginette with duck ragù. L.B. Dining on the Washington plaza offers Asian fusion, craft beer and a quirky New York vibe. The restaurant is hidden inside the Loose Blues hipster home interior store – get used to this kind of search, its an experience taking on trending proportions in this neighborhood.

We're not going to be the one to spill the beans of exactly where the Hanky Panky spekeasy is located so just ask some who seems ridiculously hip and wealthy. Every Tuesday non-members can come by and check the place out for free (if you can find it). They have a list of classic and specialty cocktails (some designed by well-known Mexico City mixologists) that will impress any bon vivant.

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