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Know Your Joe: Meet the Man Behind Austin's Famed Apanas Coffee & Beer

Austin's Apanas Coffee & Beer offers more than a great cup of Joe — they offer a coffee education, one that more coffee drinkers should be paying attention to, according to Apanas’ owner Aamil Sarfani. The coffee shop, which has been open in North Austin’s Rock Rose area at the Domain since January, aims to teach consumers about the people who actually grow the product they’re drinking, as well as all the time and effort that goes into producing a quality cup of coffee. And Austin is responding: Sarfani opened a second location of Apanas on South Congress Avenue in early September.

The idea for Apanas came to Sarfani on a trip to Nicaragua two years ago. He stayed on small coffee farms, talked with the farmers, and learned about all the decisions that go into growing coffee — as well as all the people involved. He learned that the best coffee is produced not just with taste in mind, but with farmers, their families, their communities, and the environment as well.

But it wasn’t easy when those farmers were competing with mass growers whose main concern was quantity. Wanting to support those small family farmers and their communities as well as the local community in Austin, Sarfani teamed up with an organization called Farmers to 40 that buys high-quality coffee at double fair-trade prices, and Apanas was born.  

We talked with Sarfani about the coffee production process and what consumers should know about their cup of Joe.

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